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The 4 advantages to a purpose-built cloud security system


Not all business security systems are created equal. Different systems have different strengths, just like all businesses have different needs. When looking at the cloud security market there are a lot of products that use the term “cloud” loosely. 

Founded in 2012, Eagle Eye Networks was one of the first surveillance companies to design and engineer a true cloud system from the ground up. Purpose built for the cloud and AI, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System) addresses customers’ security and operational needs with unlimited scalability, simple usage-based subscription pricing, advanced analytics, integrated AI, and a flexible, open API platform.

The purpose-built difference: An example

What exactly is a purpose-built cloud VMS? Consider the Tesla electric vehicle (EV) company as a similar example.

Tesla purpose built - The 4 advantages to a purpose-built cloud security system

Just as electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla specifically set out to create EVs, Eagle Eye went about creating a true cloud video surveillance system. In Tesla’s case, Ford and Chevrolet are examples of two established car manufacturers who sell EVs along with their regular line of vehicles.  But despite Ford and Chevrolet’s legacy in the auto industry, Tesla vehicles generally outperform other EVs on performance, features, and technology, and outsell competitors 10-1. There are a number of security companies that offer “cloud” solutions that are adapted from more traditional on-prem systems and do not offer the same benefits as a purpose-built, true cloud surveillance system. 

In that case, it’s important to define what a security system purpose built for the cloud really is and why that matters: Such a system is defined by an excellent user experience, greater reliability and flexibility, and unparalleled cybersecurity.

User benefits of cloud surveillance

True cloud surveillance systems offer broad network access. Users can access their account at any time, anywhere in the world from mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Additionally, users can easily manage multiple locations from a single platform. 

remote video surveillance

Customers have grown accustomed to smart devices that automatically update with improved functionality, whether it’s their phone, tablet, or connected TV. They expect this from other systems and a true cloud system inherently means the technology is constantly improving. It’s in the cloud, and the cloud infrastructure is constantly improving both at the hardware level and also at the analytical level as the algorithms are getting smarter and more sophisticated on a regular basis.

A convenient, easy to use system is a key reason why a purpose-built security system is key to business success and safety. Such a platform offers on-demand self service. Users are able to easily search all video using AI-powered video search, download, and share video clips. Managers can add or delete users, change user permissions, and receive alerts for specific incidents. 

Reliable cloud video surveillance

The reliability of the access to video is crucial for a surveillance system, and the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is designed to minimize any downtime. This includes regular updates and redundant video retention for every customer. 

Eagle Eye operates its own network of global data centers and securely stores each customer’s video data on three separate servers. If somehow one of these servers were not accessible, two backups of the data still exist, providing seamless user access.

Many cloud competitors provide “cloud managed” services, where video data is retained in the camera. This not only significantly raises the cost of a camera, but also can mean that critical video is lost if a camera stops working.

Cloud video surveillance is flexible and scalable

cloud security camera installation

Purpose-built cloud security system users don’t need to be concerned with future proofing their security; they can simply use the resources they need now and then grow on demand without the heavy costs of upgrading infrastructure and maintaining load balances across aging hardware. Client-server software, on the other hand, is not designed to take advantage of cloud-computing’s scalable resources; it is designed to make optimum use of a server’s fixed computing, storage, and network capabilities. 

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is built to update with new technologies and grow with changing business needs. Because of the expandable nature of the cloud, managers can add new cameras or locations and change retention on a camera-by-camera basis without limit. On-site servers can only hold a certain amount of data before more storage is required.

Video surveillance cybersecurity

A purpose-built cloud surveillance system should secure your video and data and provide cybersecurity protections beyond what is expected of a traditional on-prem system.

Many traditional surveillance systems lack specifically designed hardware and software, but Eagle Eye Networks is designed to reduce the risk of known network security system cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Eagle Eye Bridges and CMVRs (Cloud Managed Video Recorders), the on-site appliances that connect cameras to the Eagle Eye Cloud, are built with Camera Cyber Lockdown, which isolates cameras from internet cyber threats by blocking inbound and outbound connections. 

All video data is encrypted in transmission and at rest using two layers of encryption: one for the data itself, and another for the transmission of data. Only authorized users can access decrypted video and data through strong authentication of user devices. 

Eagle Eye’s continually managed subscription-based service provides automatic system security updates with no installer or customer action required. Additionally, Eagle Eye performs penetration testing and scanning to ensure the continuous cybersecurity of the platform.

The purpose-built advantage in cloud surveillance

A purpose-built cloud security solution offers users better access, reliability, and peace of mind knowing that the system is designed for cybersecurity and will improve and adapt for future needs. A purpose-built system reduces infrastructure and IT involvement with cloud data centers, hardware, and software designed, engineered, and managed exclusively for cloud video surveillance. Native AI and analytics provide information and alerts that businesses need to improve safety and operations. 

Trust a security system built by security industry experts. Contact Eagle Eye Networks to learn how the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS can benefit your business.



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