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Seven ways Eagle Eye Networks supports organizations with GDPR


Since its inception in the European Union in 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set a high standard for data protection, demanding transparency, consent, and respect for data subject rights. This legal framework has prompted companies to review and improve their data management practices, as noncompliance carries significant financial penalties.

Recognizing the transformative impact of GDPR on personal data handling, Eagle Eye Networks proactively adapted to support organizations with their GDPR responsibilities. Through constant development and innovation, Eagle Eye provides a range of features that facilitate GDPR compliance while maintaining robust cybersecurity measures.

Here are seven ways in which Eagle Eye plays an essential role in assisting organizations adhere to GDPR guidelines while ensuring effective data protection.

Data encryption

Eagle Eye uses multilayered encryption techniques to safeguard video data. Encrypted data is transmitted to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center through an encrypted connection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Multi-Factor Authentication and role-based access management 

single sign on sso
Eagle Eye provides MFA to ensure user authentication

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure a person attempting to log in is who they claim to be. Once verified, that person will then only be able to access live and recorded footage and features within the platform necessary to effectively perform their duties. Access is assigned by the designated system administrator and can be based on several factors including the organization’s individual policies and GDPR compliance procedures.

Data retention policies 

GDPR requires organizations to store data for only as long as necessary for the specified purpose. Eagle Eye offers flexible data retention policies, enabling organizations to automatically delete video and data after a defined period, aligning with GDPR’s data retention requirements.

Data storage location 

Eagle Eye complies with GDPR regulations by utilizing company owned and managed data centers to retain video within the region in which it was recorded. This ensures that video data is processed and retained in a GDPR-compliant manner, even when operating in multiple countries.

Audit capabilities

To maintain accountability and track access to recorded video, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS keeps detailed audit logs. These logs record who accessed live and recorded video, when, and from where, meaning documentary evidence is available should the actions of an individual or organization need to be reviewed.

Secure sharing

When sharing recorded video with police or authorized third parties, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS generates secure sharing links with limited access rights. Administrators can set these links to have an expiration date or limited playback capabilities, ensuring that they cannot be misused after the intended purpose is fulfilled.

Data breach notification 

In the event of a data breach involving video, Eagle Eye supports organizations in meeting their GDPR obligation to promptly notify the relevant data protection authorities and affected individuals. 

While Eagle Eye serves as a valuable tool in achieving GDPR compliance, organizations must recognize that data protection is a shared responsibility. All parties involved in the processing of personal data, including data controllers, data processors, employees, and consumers, bear the responsibility of understanding and upholding GDPR requirements. 

This collective effort will nurture a safer and more compliant digital environment, where the protection of personal data is prioritized for the well-being of everyone involved.

The EU’s independent data protection watchdog, the European Data Protection Supervisor, provides additional information, including guidelines and a factsheet for understanding data protection for CCTV video surveillance.

Learn more about Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS (video management system)



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