January 9

Security integrators reveal their 2024 industry predictions


2023 demonstrated exciting growth for the field of cloud video surveillance. Advances in how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in video surveillance–enabled by the cloud–promises to continue to accelerate in 2024. The 2024 Trends in Video Surveillance report looks ahead at key security industry developments anticipated in 2024 including how AI will reshape business video surveillance. 

Eagle Eye Networks asked some of our reseller partners what video surveillance trends they expect will resonate with customers in 2024. Read on for their insights, which echo the themes of greater use of AI, cloud adoption, and new security integrations featured in the Trends report.

AI in video surveillance

cloud security camera installation

AI is transforming how businesses use video surveillance, and 2024 will see widespread adoption of intelligent, proactive security solutions. AI security features, including natural language-based video search and AI filtering, are changing how business owners and managers, and security directors interact with their surveillance systems. New applications are making AI more practical and deployable for improved monitoring and greater liability protection.

Justin Stearns, Vice President of New York-based Chimera Integrations, which offers solutions for commercial, industrial, retail, and municipal sites, says that the increase in AI use is being driven by its affordability and growing range of applications. “The growing intelligence and cost-effectiveness of AI are opening up numerous use cases throughout the surveillance industry. In particular, AI is addressing critical challenges for end-users, including staff augmentation, threat intelligence, and situational awareness.”

Lon Bazelais, Founder and President of New York City-based Grid Squared Systems, also anticipates a lot of interest in AI to solve specific business security challenges. “I’m also seeing video being used on the intrusion side gaining traction as well, meaning that through analytics or AI the video system is capturing, recording and sending an alarm event to a central station.”

Continued cloud expansion

The continued rapid adoption of cloud technologies is enabling this AI revolution and shifting what businesses want and expect from their video surveillance systems. As more becomes possible, customers will want to see these options reflected in reseller offerings.

“Business operations that understand the power of AI and the use of analytics to assist them in managing their business will see value in cloud-based solutions beyond security,” says Chris Gilbert, Founder and President of Indiana-based Security Pros. Gilbert started the company in 2009 and has focused his business on cloud-based security solutions. “I believe that cloud services will continually trend up over the course of ‘24 in certain markets and with progressive thinkers.”

New security integrations

Business access control security integration

As businesses are using surveillance systems for additional purposes, including operations, they are also integrating surveillance with complementary applications including building access control, parking payment monitoring and professional monitoring software.

“I’m seeing integration with access control really picking up,” says Bazelais. “People expect video with everything. Having video of the events in the activity feed of your access control system is something we are doing on a pretty regular basis.”

Chimera’s Stearns says that manufacturers that offer flexible API solutions allow resellers to design tailored security solutions for every customer’s unique needs. “Creativity in exploring new integrations and repurposing surveillance tools for diverse applications is the way forward. . . . The use of AI is enhancing data gathering, but it is the integrations that consolidate this information into a unified interface, differentiating installations.”

Surveillance for business operations

Download the 2024 Trends in Video Surveillance report

The continued rise of AI, enabled by cloud, combined with new security integrations, means that smart video surveillance systems can improve business security and operations. Watchmen Security Founder and CEO Lucas Ingala sees firsthand how organizations are making the most of their video surveillance systems. “I see a trend in companies using video surveillance as a part of their core business processes; it’s going to become no longer just a record-and-review device.” Watchmen Security is based in Kansas City and specializes in commercial, home, and multifamily security.

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