February 9

Passwordless authentication: Why it’s the next big thing


Let’s start by acknowledging a universal truth: Everyone — and I mean everyone — hates passwords.

Now, most people hate passwords because coming up with unique ones for each subscription and service, remembering them all, updating them regularly, and so on, is just a major pain in the neck.

But IT security pros have bigger reasons to hate passwords: It turns out that they are a major weakness in today’s security frameworks. That’s why the most security-conscious organizations are turning to passwordless authentication — and why you need to get educated about this new trend ASAP.

That’s just what you’ll do if you attend an upcoming webinar called “Passwordless authentication: Mitigating a prime attack vector.”

Drivers and benefits

At the webinar, Barracuda authentication expert Emre Tezisci will provide a detailed overview of the trends that are driving the development and implementation of new passwordless authentication systems. And he’ll lead you on a deep dive into how they work and why they are key to closing down some of the biggest vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

Join Emre for this insight-packed presentation and discover:

  • How security best practices have evolved in response to trends that are dissolving traditional notions of a network’s “perimeter”
  • Why password-based authentication schemes — including multifactor authentication — are increasingly vulnerable to compromise by cyber criminals
  • How companies are already implementing Zero Trust and passwordless authentication systems that effectively protect them against many phishing-based threat types

Plus, you’ll see detailed analysis of recent, real-world attacks that have exploited the weaknesses inherent to password-based authentication, and that have resulted in costly data breaches and financial fraud.

Finally, Emre will show you how Barracuda’s advanced network-security platform can help you implement a modern, passwordless authentication system that allows users to access your network and resources easily and transparently — while effectively locking out malicious intruders.

Make everyone safer — and happier

Register now for this timely webinar, and get the info you need to make passwords — and the frustration and vulnerability they entail — a thing of the past.


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