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MSV Housing


Protecting people and assets in housing with cloud video surveillance

Business Challenge

Ajar Technology

Eagle Eye Networks partner Ajar Technology, which serves the U.K. and Ireland, was engaged to implement a cloud-based video surveillance solution for a refurbished housing scheme (housing development) in Manchester, England. In 2021, MSV Housing, responsible for 9,000 homes across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and West Yorkshire, identified a need to review their existing on-premise CCTV systems following problems with legacy systems, disparate solutions, and damaged or unusable systems. 

The association decided to use the newly refurbished housing scheme as a pilot for cloud video surveillance solutions. The pilot allowed the association to review the user experience and benefits to see if it could resolve problems in other housing locations. 

Our Approach

Based on experience deploying Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based solution at public sector and multisite organisations, Ajar Technology recommended the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system).

The tender bid was successful and the association chose Ajar Technology’s proposal for a flexible and scalable true cloud solution.

Business Solution

Ajar Technology managed the lifecycle of the project end to end, including system design, off-site configuration, on-site installation, commissioning, and testing. Ajar provides remote and on-site support and maintenance for this client. 

Since the successful deployment of this initial scheme, Ajar has been engaged to review the existing surveillance systems across other schemes. Ajar designed installations that are in line with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold standards for the upgrade of some existing video surveillance systems, as well as new video surveillance systems at 29 more schemes, comprising more than 300 cameras. Ajar is in the next phase of rolling out the Eagle Eye Networks solution to 18 more schemes, adding more than 200 additional cameras. 

The schemes consist of mixed-use developments and general residential housing, multifamily housing, youth hostels, and parking. The goal of this project is to protect the association’s assets, residents, and staff in a centralized and cost effective way. 

All regional neighbourhood teams have been trained in the use of the cloud platform so they can confidently access video footage for their schemes. In addition, Ajar remotely monitors and carries out health checks on the cameras and recordings. 

Successful Results 

Mosscare St Vincent's

The adoption of the Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based solution has provided the association with a true cloud experience, enabling reliable and secure monitoring of their designated schemes with access to both live and recorded video footage from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud solution mitigated the cost and complexity of procuring and maintaining a traditional on-prem server-based solution, whilst also providing the client with the inherent flexibility and scalability of a cloud platform. 

The use of mobile data 4G technology eliminates any reliance on the association’s and residents’ corporate network/WAN, negating network bandwidth and network cybersecurity concerns. 

Because of the ease of use and associated budget savings achieved by the Eagle Eye Networks system, the association has decided to migrate more schemes to the cloud. The next phase will include more than 500 cameras. In addition, Ajar Technology is the appointed cloud video surveillance provider for the association, and the association has standardised on Eagle Eye Networks across the estate. Ajar Technology will be responsible for the design and installation of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS for all new and refurbished sites.


Multifamily residential housing


Manchester, England

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