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Going zero trust, email threat trends, protecting M365: Upcoming webinars you shouldn’t miss


Barracuda’s webinar series is an excellent resource for IT security pros, keeping you up to date on all the latest developments in the threat landscape and defensive strategies and technologies. July’s lineup of Barracuda webinars is no exception and will cover several important and timely topics. 

Join us to find out about the email threat trends uncovered by our latest report, how to protect Microsoft 365 email and data against advanced new threats, and how to make the switch easily from VPN to zero-trust access controls.

Volume 1 of Barracuda’s 2024 report “Top Email Threats and Trends” was published last month, and it’s packed with important data and insights that you need to know about if you want to optimally allocate security resources to effectively protect the number-one threat vector.

At this webinar, Senior Product Marketing Manager Ilya Gaidarov will guide you on a deep dive into the findings of the report, so you’ll understand not only what cybercriminals are up to these days, but also what it means for you. You’ll find out where your greatest potential vulnerabilities are, along with best practices to close your security gaps and improve your defenses against sophisticated new threat techniques. 

Join Ilya to find out:

  • How attackers are leveraging generative AI to make scamming, phishing, and business email compromise attacks more successful

And much more. 

Don’t let the latest innovations in cyberthreats take you by surprise. Register now to reserve your spot at this insight-packed webinar.

The all-too-widespread belief that SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365 are inherently protected against ransomware and other cyber threats is incredibly dangerous. One of the most pernicious versions of this belief is that in the event of a successful ransomware attack, Microsoft’s native data-recovery capabilities will allow fast and easy recovery of lost data. 

If you are among those who are complacent about email security and data protection in Microsoft 365, this webinar is an indispensable corrective. 

Join Principal Product Marketing Manager Anastasia Hurley and Senior Product Manager Jay Johnson and get all the facts about how cyber crooks are seeking out and targeting Microsoft 365 deployments with inadequate defenses. And prepare to be shocked by how limited native data retention and recovery capabilities truly are.

This eye-opening webinar will also cover the strategies and technologies that your peers are already using to stop attackers in their tracks. Plus, you’ll see a live demo of exactly how to ensure rapid and complete recovery of any and all data compromised by ransomware.

With operations increasingly dependent on Microsoft 365, it’s imperative that you know what criminals are doing to take you down—and gain the insights you need to ensure they can’t.

Reserve your spot now

You’ve probably heard about zero trust access (ZTA), the new gold standard for enforcing strict, highly granular access and authorization policies across your entire extended network. But you may be wondering how exactly to transition from your existing access controls to a modern ZTA architecture.

If so, this webinar is for you. At the webinar, Senior Product Marketing Manager Emre Tezisci will be joined by Consulting Solutions Architect Gus Fernandez. Together they’ll give you a detailed, practical understanding of: 

As an attendee, you’ll also receive a comprehensive Zero Trust Access Starter Kit, including a wealth of hands-on resources to make it easier and practical insights from industry experts to ensure your transition is fast and easy, for everyone from IT admins to end users and remote workers.

Register now to attend this important, practical webinar and get the info you need to transition seamlessly to a modern network architecture that protects your network against intruders.


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