October 3

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search wins multiple international awards


Launched in July of 2022, Eagle Eye Smart Video Search has garnered several international awards. Smart Video Search is an AI-powered feature that makes searching for video as fast and easy as searching the web. 

Hailed as a major technology advancement by both security professionals and business owners, Smart Video Search uses AI in the cloud to search across all security cameras in all locations and quickly find the exact video needed. The feature is available to all Eagle Eye customers across the globe. There is no additional cost or hardware required, and the feature operates with all standard security cameras connected to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System). 

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search awards include:

“The Smart Video Search is a powerful response to the strong market demand for a video search function that offers ease of use, speed, search versatility and precision – a true victory for customised design.”

-Detektor International jury

“2023 has been an amazing year as the security industry battled through supply chain issues and surging demand, yet the manufacturers responded with incredible ingenuity and perseverance. End users rely on integrators to identify and install the right solutions to meet their needs. The MVP Awards recognize the companies that are developing these innovative technologies and elevating peace of mind.”

-Jason Knott, Chief Content Officer, Security Sales & Integration magazine

“New Product of the Year confirms to me that the best and the brightest are completely invested in their craft and have strategic plans to bring new technology to the forefront.”

-Ralph C. Jensen, Security Today magazine editor in chief



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