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  • Protect Your Organization With Human Firewalls

    We all see at least one or two phishing emails a week. The Nigerian Prince emails started it all nearly a decade ago by promising the email recipient vast wealth for helping retrieve an alleged inheritance. This phishing scam caused annual losses of millions of dollars. While most of us simply laugh at these emails […]

  • Why Your Website Needs a WAF

    What is a WAF? A WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. If you have a website, you need a WAF! If you collect any kind of data on your website, you need a WAF.  Even if it is simply asking for an email address for your newsletter. Attackers know when you are collecting data and […]

  • A True RansomWare Story

    “I think we got hit with Ransomware!  Can you decrypt it?”.  These were the exact words spoken to me by a prospective client that I had been trying to sign for over a year.  I was excited to see their company name on the caller id.  Perhaps this was the day.  And it was the […]

  • Global Application & Network Security Report

    Recently one of our partners, Radware, published their Global Application Network Security Report for 2016-2017. The report is designed for the entire security community and helps us understand the following. The threat landscape-who attackers are, their motives and tools Potential impact on your business, including associated costs of different cyber-attacks How your preparedness level compares […]

  • Backup and Sleep Well

    It’s 3:00 AM. You are awake. You realize that you have not checked that all of your critical business data has been backed up and there is a severe storm brewing outside. You will not sleep for the rest of the night despite your best efforts to forget about your backups. You just hope for […]