Protecting your business from doors to data

Microsoft 365 Total Protection

In today's world, email attacks have become increasingly perilous and sophisticated.  Cybercriminals are employing social engineering tactics to outsmart email security gateways, posing a significant threat to your business and data.

Enter Barracuda - the ultimate safeguard against all 13 email threat types.  With Barracuda Email Protection, you can enjoy the most comprehensive defense against a wide range of threats, including spam, ransomware, spear phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover.  Stay ahead of the game and protect your business and data with Barracuda Email Protection.


of cyberattacks start with an email.


of organizations were hit by a phishing attack in 2020.

1 in 7

organizations experienced an account takeover in 2019.


average ransom fee paid in 2020.

Prevent Threats

Prevent attacks from getting through by combining email-gateway defenses, API-based inbox defense, and web security.

Detect and Respond

Identify and limit the impact of any threats that reach your users with automated response and security awareness training.

Secure Data, Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance and stay productive during downtime.  Back up your important Microsoft 365 email and data to recover easily from malware attacks or lost data.

Discover threats hiding in your inbox with the free Barracuda Email Threat Scanner.

98% of organizations with Microsoft 365 harbor malicious emails inside their mailboxes.  Discover email threats before your users do.  Get your free scan now!  It's fast, safe, and has no impact on your email performance.