September 25

Banking on the Cloud: Cloud migration flourishes, but some cybersecurity questions persist


In this article “Banking on the Cloud” for Security Today, Eagle Eye Networks VP of Operations Hans Kahler examines the biggest questions and misconceptions about cybersecurity and cloud video surveillance.

Walk the GSX or ISC West show floor and you will see ample evidence that cloud has arrived. Cloud (and cloud-like) video surveillance providers are entering the market and exhibiting at trade shows. Cloud migration is only expected to accelerate in coming years.

Industry analyst firm Novaira Insights, in January forecasted the number of cloud-connected cameras in the United States will increase at an 80 percent CAGR through 2026. Even the large legacy VMS players want in on cloud. We have seen them creating new cloud products or acquiring cloud companies in the past year.

As quickly as businesses are moving to the cloud, some questions and misconceptions – generally having to do with cybersecurity – persist. Here are five frequent questions we hear, followed by answers that explain how and why a trusted true cloud provider offers superior cybersecurity protection.



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