August 10

Ballet Austin


Eagle Eye Networks

“We have had security cameras for years and the good thing about Eagle Eye is that we are now in the cloud and we can use many of our mobile devices to access our cameras. With the video being in the cloud we don’t have to disk storage or other servers or software that we had before. It really has freed up our system. And it’s easy to expand.”


Billie Buddenhagen
Facilities Director
Ballet Austin



KFC “I tend to be an early adopter, but I did a lot of research before making my decision. Eagle Eye Networks definitely gives you the best value for your…

August 4, 2023 Eagle Eye Networks

La Permanence

Co-working space La Permanence owns 3 locations in the Paris région, in France. Due to the evolution of the labour market, they offer affordable working spaces to Freelance workers and…

August 4, 2023 Eagle Eye Networks

Oakwood School District

“We were looking for one system that would take care of all three schools. Eagle Eye is cloud-based, so I can be anywhere and pull up the high-quality footage on…

August 4, 2023 Eagle Eye Networks


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