September 7

5 smart building solutions that make everyday operations intelligent


Smart Buildings Technology editor Wanda Lau writes about technologies—including Eagle Eye Smart Video Search—that makes life more efficient and streamlined. 

From surveillance to restroom maintenance and waking up, these five products use smart building technology to make life more efficient and streamlined.

Smart Video Search, Eagle Eye Networks

Sifting through hours of video for a specific person, vehicle, or object becomes as easy as an internet search with Eagle Eye Smart Video Search, an AI-powered feature that the company recently added to its video management system. Searching for “man with red shirt” or “white Ford car” will generate results that customers can filter by date, time, location, and camera. The tool offers a “re-identification” feature that can track an entity of interest across different cameras, and a real-time alert system to send notifications when an issue arises, such as a vehicle parking in a restricted location. All Eagle Eye customers have access to Smart Video Search without needing special equipment or local installation.

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