Why Your Website Needs a WAF

What is a WAF? A WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. If you have a website, you need a WAF!

If you collect any kind of data on your website, you need a WAF.  Even if it is simply asking for an email address for your newsletter. Attackers know when you are collecting data and they have become increasingly clever in their attempts to bring down or compromise your websites and apps. How embarrassing would it be to receive a phone call from one of your clients, notifying you that your website is filled with ISIS videos and propaganda? Yes, this actually happened to an organization and they were completely embarrassed!

These attacks can be easily prevented, but most organizations struggle to implement a robust web application security posture due to several challenges:

1. Application security is complicated to deploy and manage without specialized resources.
2. Continuous updates to applications can lead to new vulnerabilities.
3. Legacy applications were developed without secure coding practices.

If you are not a technical person, the above 3 items sound scary and confusing. Deploying a WAF can be difficult if you are not technical (even if you are technical, it can be difficult). Managing specialized web application firewall (WAF) policies to ensure a perpetually robust application security posture is a full-time job. Organizations that cannot afford a fully-managed enterprise solution or employ the required resources struggle to stay up to date on the latest attacks and protection measures needed to deliver consistent security and compliance. But still, you need a WAF. Not only to protect your data and website, but to protect your business reputation.  Ask Equifax!

There is an easier and better way to deploy a WAF!

Our parter, Barracuda Networks, has released WAF-as-a-Service! This cloud-delivered application security protects your data, your reputation and helps you achieve compliance. Barracuda has simplified application security for everyone. It removes the complexity of setting up and configuring an appliance or instance. Barracuda’s WAF-as-a-Service delivers comprehensive protection for your web apps in minutes thanks to its simple five-step wizard, and numerous pre-built templates for commonly used applications.

Barracuda allows for complete control over every component. For more advanced users, Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service offers a level of control traditionally reserved only for on-premises and public cloud solutions. Take control over every conponent, and fine-tune specific policies for each applications requirements. Building unique per-app policies has never been simpler.

Barracuda’s WAF-as-a-Service includes the following protections:

  • All OWASP risks, including “Top 10”
  • Brute force attacks
  • Parameter tampering
  • Cookie/form manipulation
  • Forceful browsing
  • XML attacks
  • Application tampering
  • Zero-day attacks
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Form field meta-data validation
  • Website cloaking
  • Response control
  • Web scraping prevention
  • Granular policies to HTML elements
  • Protocol limit checks
  • File upload control
  • IP whitelisting/blacklisting

By incorporating the enterprise-proven security that Barracuda offers, organizations of all sizes can be more agile by transforming how they manage application security and compliance. Organizations can lower costs, achieve agility and receive rich analytics.

John Breeden, II of CSO Online said “Calling Barracuda’s WAF a firewall is seriously selling it short.”

What I am trying to say, in short, is “Say Goodbye to Data Breaches!”.

Are your ready to protect your website and apps? Let us know and we will help you get started!

Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service