Global Application & Network Security Report

Recently one of our partners, Radware, published their Global Application Network Security Report for 2016-2017. The report is designed for the entire security community and helps us understand the following.

  • The threat landscape-who attackers are, their motives and tools
  • Potential impact on your business, including associated costs of different cyber-attacks
  • How your preparedness level compares to other organizations
  • Experiences of organizations in your industry
  • Emerging threats and how to protect against them
  • Predictions for 2017

Some of the more interesting tidbits I found in this report are:

  • 98% of Organizations Experienced Attacks in 2016
  • Cyber-ransom proves easiest, most lucrative tool for cybercriminals
  • Cyber-attacks cost almost twice what you may think
  • Stateful devices: #1 point of failure
  • SSL-based attacks continue to grow
  • DDoS attacks are becoming shorter

Radware’s research also found that the main motivation for hackers were profit, evasion and disruption.

The 56 page report is extremely informative for those who wish to prevent attacks on their networks. Of course, through our partnership with Radware, we are well trained on helping you mitigate these attacks. For more information and to download a free copy of this report, head over to our download page.