Backup and Sleep Well

It’s 3:00 AM. You are awake. You realize that you have not checked that all of your critical business data has been backed up and there is a severe storm brewing outside. You will not sleep for the rest of the night despite your best efforts to forget about your backups. You just hope for the best and assume that your IT guy is taking care of it.

Over the past 20 years I have heard this scenario called many things. Several years ago I was working with a contractor and he referred to this as “dumb luck”. Some businesses have been very lucky that they have not lost any data. They have been lucky that server hard drives have not failed, that cloud storage has not been overwritten, users have not accidentally deleted critical files or that they have not been a victim of horrible viruses such as ransomware.

For those of us that have had to restore from backup, it provides a great feeling when you can quickly restore an accidentally deleted file. For those of us who have had to restore an entire server from bare bones due to a massive RansomWare infection, this has been quick, easy and painless. For those of us with a solid backup system, we can sleep at night because we get our daily backup reports delivered right to our inbox every morning.

Why should a business risk or skimp on their backup solution. The question every business owner should ask themselves is how much would it cost me if I lost all of my data? How long would it take you to recreate invoices? Would it be embarrassing if you had to call your clients and ask them if they owed you any money because you lost your accounting data? I only use this as an example because I have seen it happen more than once in my 20 years in business.

A backup and disaster recovery solution is not rocket science. It is a straight forward and easy solution to implement given the great products and technologies that are available today. For twenty years we have been providing backup and disaster recovery solutions for our clients. It is great if you never have to restore files. But if you do (and you will) it is nice to know that you have an amazing solution that allows you to easily restore a single file, a single email, and entire server from bare bones or critical accounting data with ease.

Trust me, I sleep well at night and so do our clients! Ask us about rock solid backup and disaster recovery solutions that are affordable and easy to implement! Your body will thank you for it!