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For over twenty years we have been providing quality IT products and services. Sure, the technology of today is quite different than it was twenty years ago. But this is a testament to our ability to evolve and adapt to this rapidly changing industry.

We love technology and we love solutions that work. There is nothing better than implementing a rock-solid managed IT solution that works, is reliable and provides valuable data to improve and grow. A side effect is that it allows one to sleep soundly at night.

Tubesock has the unique ability to help organizations achieve a high level of success with managed IT services. We have partnered with the industry’s best hardware and software providers to create a first class arsenal to protect, manage and monitor a network. Our clients experience high uptime and low downtime. They don’t worry about foreign governments or malicious hackers attacking and stealing their data. They simply do their jobs without fear or worry of IT issues.

If it were easy then everyone would be in business for twenty years. But it isn’t and only the strongest and best survive. We pride ourselves by innovating beyond our industry’s dreams, training beyond our employee’s dreams all while having a great time doing what we do.

Check out the Tubesock High Five. It’s not just a neat marketing scheme, it is the five things every organization needs to stay protected and productive.

The Tubesock High Five includes:

  1. protect IT – Network Security
  2. store IT – Disaster Recovery
  3. train IT – Educate and Recognize
  4. manage IT – Maintenance
  5. monitor IT – React Quickly


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